How To Make More Sustainable Shopping Choices

by Megan Kioulafofski
sustainable shopping

More and more businesses are transforming their products into ones that have a lower impact on the environment, and there are tons of new stores dedicated to reducing their impact on the environment and only selling sustainable products. It’s actually becoming easier these days to shop more sustainably. 

If you are trying to reduce your consumption or try out more sustainable shopping methods, here are some tips.

Buy local products

A simple and highly effective way to make more sustainable shopping choices is by buying locally. This will reduce your carbon footprint as the product will have had minimal impact on the planet. 

Likewise, it will help you support more local businesses that aim to improve the eco-friendliness of the planet.

Buy food that is in season

Another tip when purchasing fresh produce is to only buy in season. Should you try to buy products that are out of season, it is common that the food will have traveled a long way to get onto the supermarket shelf. 

Hence, buying food that is in season and hasn’t had to travel far will help you make more sustainable shopping choices.

Do your research

Doing some research before investing in a brand will help you understand their ethos and how their product is made.

Let’s say you enjoy beauty products and often buy from new brands. Instead of shopping for everyday customer brands, you could do your research into sustainable beauty brands

When you purchase from sustainable brands, you will be having a much less direct impact on the planet.

Buy pre-owned

Should you want to purchase new clothes or books, it is a good choice to buy pre-owned. Buying products that have already been used and owned will reduce the impact on the environment by ensuring that the products do not get disposed of without having enough love.

You can find plenty of places that sell pre-owned products such as charity shops or online auction sites.

Use reusable shopping bags

Plastic bags contribute to our planet’s degradation. By eliminating the use of plastic bags from your life and using reusable bags instead, it will ensure that you make the right shopping choices from the get-go.

Reusable bags that are made from cotton or hemp are more sustainable than plastic, and can last much longer allowing you to reuse them again and again. There’s a small initial investment, but in the long run is less damaging to the environment.

Buy from brands that offer recyclable packaging

Sometimes the packaging of the products we buy can make a huge impact on our carbon footprint. Therefore, buying from brands that only use sustainable packaging will ensure to reduce your impact on the planet. 

You will be able to reuse or recycle the packaging and hence, reduce the impact that you have on the planet when shopping. 

Packaging that is paper or cardboard means that it is recyclable and therefore, kinder to the planet. 

Use containers for storage

Instead of buying and storing food from supermarkets in plastic bags, you could take your own containers. There are plenty of shops that offer products that can be purchased without packaging, from vegetables to cereals. 

You can fill your containers without having to use plastic bags or single use packaging, and can help to reduce your impact on the planet when shopping. 

Organic food products

Buying organic food products is a useful way to make a more positive impact on the planet. These will have been locally and sustainably sourced, which means that you are offering a local and sustainable impact. 

The organic products will have organic labels. To make this easier, you could choose to shop at organic stores so that you know everything is organic. 

Go heavy on the veg

Although you might eat meat and fish, trying to swap those some days a week for vegetarian or vegan meals will help you make more eco-friendly food choices as well as shopping choices. 

Going heavy on the veg is not only good for your health, but it will ensure that you attain more vegetables for more sustainable meals. 

Again, choosing organic produce, bringing your own containers, and taking them home in reusable bags will maximize the impact of your sustainable shopping. Pro tip: store your fruits and vegetables in The Freshie Foodsaver Bag, keeping it fresh in the fridge for up to 3 weeks!

Pay your bills online

Paying bills is similar to shopping, as you are paying for a service. It can help to pay your bills online. Paying bills online will reduce the amount of paper used, which is essential to living more sustainably. 

Walk or bike to the shop

Try out walking or biking to the shop. Great for your health to get outside, get some fresh air and some exercise, but it will also lower your emissions and have a reduced impact on the environment. 

Walking to the shop could encourage you to shop locally too, which offers double the benefits. You could find new shops within walking distance and support local and eco-friendly businesses as opposed to driving to and shopping at large supermarkets, which already have a huge carbon footprint. 

Only buy for a reason

A common issue with contributing unsustainably to the planet is buying without a reason. Should you often buy things for no reason and simply have little purpose for the product, then think again.

Only buying for a reason will ensure to limit your carbon footprint and only consume things that are essential.

For instance, a thoughtful gift such as buying flag cases to display what your loved one fought for during battle, then do so. Or perhaps a moon phase necklace for your loved one to commemorate a special day. On the other hand, purchasing a fast fashion top because you like the color has a lot less significance. Limit your purchases to what’s important.

Shop less

The simple answer to making more sustainable shopping choices is shopping less. As well as avoiding impulse and unnecessary buys, it can help you by shopping less. It will also reduce the amount you spend, which will help you save money as well as save the planet. 

If you enjoy buying new clothes, then buy used ones before you choose new ones. If you want new clothes, reduce the number of times each year you shop. Make more essential shopping choices that can actually last longer, serve you better, and help the environment.

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