reusable bulk food bags plain 5 pack
reusable bulk food bags plain 5 pack
reusable bulk food bags design 5 pack front
reusable bulk food bags plain drawstring bulk bags
reusable bulk food bags design drawstring bulk bags
top view reusable bulk food bags cashews
reusable bulk food bags plain drawstring bulk bags oats spilling
reusable bulk food bags design drawstring bulk bags nits spilling
reusable bulk food bags at picnic

Reusable Bulk Food Bags


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What Size?

Each set comes with 5 bags sized at 8" x 10".

Our reusable bulk food bags come in two different styles. Pick up a plain set, or indulge in our gorgeous design created by an artist in France. 


Feel good about this plastic-free purchase knowing that you can reuse these bags over and over! These organic cotton reusable bulk food bags are extremely durable, and feature a sturdy drawstring and stainless steel toggle. These reusable bulk food bags will ensure your goods stay secure, and after a few years of use, they can be thrown in the compost as they are completely biodegradable. 

Our reusable bulk food bags are also machine washable. We recommend to wash on a delicate cycle (low heat), and to air dry.

Tare Weight On Label

Make checkout a breeze by deducting the tare weight of the bag at checkout. Only pay for your food, not for the bag.

GOTS Certified

Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. We guarantee no toxins or harmful pesticides.

reusable bulk food bags

Made With Renewable Energy

Wind power to cultivate the cotton, and solar power to manufacture them into bags. 

Double Stitched

Not only pretty, but durable. Each bag comes double stitched to ensure safe transport of your goodies.

Sustainability Matters.

The sustainable way we manufacture is a priority. Our reusable bulk food bags are certified organic, biodegradable (materials and packaging), and plastic-free.

Our cotton is grown and cultivated in Northern India across many small-scale farmers, and manufactured in Southern India - both production phases are powered by renewable energy.

Wind power for cultivation, and solar power for manufacturing the bags. Our organic cotton is grown by using 80% rainwater, putting less strain on local water resources.

manufactured with renewable energy
jari para forest conversation project

You Shop, We Invest.

We offset emissions from every shipment by investing into in the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon rainforest. This project covers 496,988 hectares of tropical forest in Brazil, an area the size of the state of Delaware, protecting more than 2,400 species of flora and fauna within it.

This project is Verified Carbon Standard certified, and is monitored by Pachama using machine learning, satellite imaging, and remote monitoring technology.

With every order, you are helping to protect the existing forest and increase the biomass through improved forest management practices.

High quality. Great customer service. Very pleased with purchase. Came in minimal yet efficient packaging. Everyone needs them. Stop single use plastic!

Tonya Milliken

I love taking these bags to stock up on bulk food. I hate dragging around glass jars, so being able to fill up in these bags and transfer to my jars back home make my life so much easier. They are super cute too, and wash nicely.

Erika R.

We love these bags and the fact that they are made from ORGANIC cotton and we aren't using plastic. They seem well made and like they will hold up well. The metal stopper is a great addition.


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