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With your help, in 2019 we have avoided the use of 54,860 plastic bags and exceeded our goal of 50,000!

Let's make an even bigger impact in 2020 in reducing single use plastics.

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in reducing single use plastics and living more sustainably

Our mission?

To reduce single use plastic consumption as much as we possibly can. We try to share our knowledge with others in the hopes that we inspire change. Inspiring change is contagious too, and we know that our customers will inspire others around the world as well.

Our goal?

To prevent 50,000 plastic bags from being used at the market. On average, a person only uses a plastic bag for 12 minutes. Only 1% is recycled, meaning the rest of this plastic finds its way to a landfill, and will likely end up in our rivers and oceans. Help us reach this goal by switching over to reusable bags and reducing single use plastics each time we shop.

Join us today, and take the steps to become a more conscious shopper for the sustainability of our planet.

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We offer free domestic shipping on orders $75+, AND they come plastic-free! We're trying to make your experience as low-emission and low-waste as possible.

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Discover why we started Sol + Spirit in the first place, and our view on reducing single use plastics. We know that every small action we take has a huge impact.

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We don't want pesticides or chemicals in our food, and we certainly don't want that in our bags either. Our cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.


to get you on your way to living green

Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags

3 reusable produce bags lying flat
3 reusable produce bags lying flat
reusable produce bags 3 and 5 pack with apples and oranges
5 pack mixed reusable produce bags
5 reusable produce bags lying flat in a star
reusable produce bag showing the stainless steel stopper
reusable produce bag showing the tare weight 0.1lbs 1.5oz 44g
lemons being held in a reusable produce bag with blurry background of other fruits
organic cotton reusable produce bags at picnic
organic cotton reusable produce bags at picnic with lemons
oranges in reusable produce bags
reusable produce bag with lemons and limes and stainless steel drawstring
close up of lemon in reusable produce bag
roma tomatoes in a basket and reusable bags
using reusable produce bags to collect radishes
Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags
shopping for kale with reusable organic cotton produce bags
shopping for lemons with reusable produce bags
pumpkins in a reusable produce bag

A note from Megan...

It was the reusable produce bag that started my zero-waste journey. I found that with this one action, it put me in the correct mindset to be more conscious and aware of what I was buying. I certainly was not plastic-free, but I felt good knowing that I was taking baby steps towards my goal of reducing single use plastics in my everyday life.

Because this one product changed my entire perspective while shopping, I want to share it with you too. If you are just dipping your toes into the eco-friendly lifestyle, or maybe you are an eco-enthusiast looking for a better quality bag to finally replace your worn out ones, you will instantly fall in love with the versatility, softness, and durability these bags offer.

Made from 100% certified organic cotton, meaning no pesticides or chemicals during production. The tare weight on the label in lbs,  g, and oz for your cashier to deduct at checkout. The stainless steel stopper will secure all your fruits and veggies inside.

Each bag prevents you from using approximately 100 plastic bags per year. When you have gotten your many years of use out of these bags, you can safely compost them as they will completely biodegrade. Join the mission today in reducing single use plastics. Together, we can make a difference.

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