How To Care

How To Care

Follow our organic cotton care instructions to ensure a long, happy life for your reusable bags.

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Can organic cotton be washed?

Yes, organic cotton can be washed! We recommend a machine wash on delicate cycle in cold water, or hand wash in cold water. Re-shape while wet and hang or lay flat to dry to prevent shrinking. Remove the product immediately from the washing machine to prevent creasing. If using a dryer, we recommend to use Air cycle. Using high heat on organic cotton can cause shrinkage.

Does organic cotton shrink?

Yes, organic cotton can shrink. As our bags are made of 100% untreated natural cotton, we recommend washing in cold water on a delicate cycle, re-shape and lay flat or line dry. Conventional cotton is generally treated with chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat. Our organic cotton bags are made of 100% untreated cotton and will therefore shrink with heat.

How much does organic cotton shrink?

Organic cotton can shrink up to 5-10% of its size when exposed to high temperatures. Please allow a reasonable tolerance for shrinkage on the first wash.

How to prevent shrinkage of cotton?

Cotton will stretch when it is wet and shrink when it dries, so always make sure to re-shape the material after it is washed. This will ensure a long-lasting life.

How durable is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is not exposed to the weakening, harsh chemicals that commercially grown cotton is, therefore organic cotton will last many years, with proper care.

Will bleach harm organic cotton?

Yes, bleach is harmful to organic cotton, and we recommend not using it on natural cotton products. Bleach will fade the cotton from its natural color and weaken the fiber strength, reducing its durability.

Can you use liquid fabric softener on cotton?

No, we recommend not using liquid fabric softener on cotton. A fabric softener/conditioner will clog the pores of the organic cotton fabric and cause it to lose its natural softness, texture and sheen.

Can you store the produce and bulk bags in the fridge?

Absolutely! The mesh provides excellent air circulation to the produce inside and is ideal for thicker skinned fruits and vegetables. If you dampen the bulk bags and put your produce back in you will find that it will keep your items fresher/crisper longer than if they were placed in the fridge on their own.

Can you use an iron on 100% organic cotton?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to iron your organic cotton. The best way to do this is by using a warm temperature iron (not hot), as smoothing out the wrinkles will be easier. You may notice that organic cotton creases very easily. This is normal. Unlike conventional cotton, the material isn’t treated with anti-wrinkle chemicals.

Can you dry clean organic cotton?

No, we recommend not dry cleaning organic cotton. The high heat will cause the material to shrink, and the chemical solvent (tetrachloroethylene...yuck) in dry-cleaning can weaken the fiber strength. Dry cleaning is most often used for synthetic materials that can't be washed in water, but organic cotton can absolutely be washed!

Can you use a clothes steamer on cotton?

No, we recommend not using a clothes steamer on cotton. The high heat will cause the material to shrink.

Any other questions?

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how to care for organic cotton bags oranges and blue background