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3 reusable produce bags lying flat
reusable produce bags 3 and 5 pack with apples and oranges
5 pack mixed reusable produce bags
5 reusable produce bags lying flat in a star
reusable produce bag showing the stainless steel stopper
reusable produce bag showing the tare weight 0.1lbs 1.5oz 44g
lemons being held in a reusable produce bag with blurry background of other fruits
organic cotton reusable produce bags at picnic
organic cotton reusable produce bags at picnic with lemons
oranges in reusable produce bags
reusable produce bag with lemons and limes and stainless steel drawstring
close up of lemon in reusable produce bag
roma tomatoes in a basket and reusable bags
using reusable produce bags to collect radishes
Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags
shopping for kale with reusable organic cotton produce bags
shopping for lemons with reusable produce bags
pumpkins in a reusable produce bag

Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags

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    Ditch the plastic.

    Be kind to the earth with these 100% organic cotton reusable produce bags certified by GOTS. Perfect to take with you to the market to collect your produce and other goodies. Unbleached and handcrafted with love in India using renewable energy.

    What Size?

    We offer a 3 pack, a 5 pack and a 10 pack. 

    The versatile 3 piece mixed set includes:

    •       One 8"x10" bag (x-small)
    •       One 9"x11" bag (small)
    •       One 11"x13" bag (medium)

    This is the perfect set for versatile shopping, covering all your medium to large produce purchases as well as smaller items such as limes, garlic, and mushrooms.

    The 5 piece mixed bag set includes:

    • Two 11" x 13" bags (medium)
    • Two 12" x 15" bags (large)
    • One 14" x 16" bag (x-large)

    This is the perfect set for 2 or more people if you prefer more room for larger produce, or like to stock up! Each reusable produce bag is double stitched to ensure durability and can easily fit large items like kale, lettuce, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus, but can also be used for medium sized fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apples, oranges and tomatoes.

    The 5 piece 12" x 15" bag set includes:

    • Five 12" x 15” bags (large)

    This is the perfect set for 3 or more people or if you like to do all your shopping in one go. Our reusable produce bags are wide-mouthed and generously sized to easily fit bulk large produce items like kale, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus, as well as medium sized fruits and vegetables such as oranges, apples, bananas, potatoes and onions.

    The 10 piece 12" x 15" set includes:

    • Ten 12 x 15” bags (large)

    must-have for families of 4 or more that tend to purchase a larger amount of produce during their shopping. Each organic cotton reusable produce bag can fit large bulk food produce like lettuce, asparagus, cauliflower, eggplant, broccoli and carrots, as well as medium to small sized fruits and veggies. You'll never have to worry about running out of space!

    Quality Design.

    These reusable cotton produce bags feature wide mouths, drawstring tops and tare weight labels in grams, oz, and lbs so the cashier can quickly deduct the weight of the bag at checkout. Plus they’re made from 100% undyed and unbleached organic GOTS certified cotton so they’re fully machine washable.

    Durable + Strong.

    Our flexible mesh reusable produce bags feature sturdy construction, heavy-duty drawstrings and stainless steel metal toggles, meaning they wont fall apart when you’re loading up with prickly produce, or come undone during transportation. These cotton produce bags won't tear and are made to last for many years of practical use. 

    Why Choose SOL + SPIRIT Reusable Produce Bags?

    Plastic bags are the bane of our modern world. But you can make a difference. Each one of our organic cotton produce bags represents an average of 100 plastic bags used over the course of one year. Think how many plastic bags you’ll save the earth from in a lifetime!

    Feel good about this plastic-free purchase knowing that you can reuse these reusable produce bags over and over! They are extremely durable and flexible, allowing for many years of use. After a few years, they can be thrown in the compost as they are completely biodegradable.

    You Shop, We Invest.

    We offset emissions from every shipment by investing into in the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon rainforest. This project covers 496,988 hectares of tropical forest in Brazil, an area the size of the state of Delaware, protecting more than 2,400 species of flora and fauna within it. This project is Verified Carbon Standard certified, and is monitored by Pachama using machine learning, satellite imaging, and remote monitoring technology.

    With every order, you are helping to protect the existing forest and increase the biomass through improved forest management practices.

    offsetting organic cotton reusable produce bags

    Sustainability matters.

    The sustainable way we manufacture is a priority. Our reusable produce bags are certified organic, biodegradable (materials and packaging), and plastic-free.

    Our cotton used to make this product is grown and cultivated in Northern India across many small-scale farmers, and manufactured in Southern India - both production phases are powered by renewable energy

    Wind power for cultivation, and solar power for manufacturing the bags. We do our best to reduce our footprint as much as possible.

    Our organic cotton is grown by using 80% rainwater, which puts less strain on the local water resources.

    We chose to manufacture our reusable produce bags in India as they have been known for centuries to have the highest quality cotton in the world - it was also important to us to stick to tradition.

    We carry a few different certifications, such as:

    • GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard - Our certification for organic cotton.
    • SEDEX - A network of responsible and ethical supply chains to improve business practises.
    • SA8000 - Social Accountability International - We develop, maintain, and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace.

    Give Back.

    10% of profits are donated to The Ocean Cleanup, so with the purchase of our reusable produce bags you can further help contribute to cleaning our oceans.

    Get to know the mother-daughter duo behind the products, and join our mission to reduce single-use plastics.

    Add these reusable produce bags to your zero waste kit today!